Sunday, January 30, 2011


The Queen.


Gosh, I just love her.

Ya, ya, I get teased about it all the time.

Sure I wrote a research paper on her.

Ya, so I quote her I all the time.

And, ya my friends tease me about her relentlessly.

And I would give my left arm for her to show up on my doorstep and tell me that should she would fund my non profit idea.

And ok, so I told a bunch of guys in my living room the other day I thought she was pretty high up on my list and they all put their head in their hands and gave me the "look" and almost they told me they hated me right then and there.

BUT I just think she is REALLY pretty great. Who is just born on a dirt road, abused their whole life and then just gets to own the world and give stuff away all the time? No one does. She is a pretty freakin rad humanitarian. Even if I don't believe in all the things she does 100% of the time, I respect her. And if I got to tell everyone my opinion 100% of the to make everyone listen all the time to what believe in - well, they would get an ear full. And well, a whole lot of deserving people would be getting a lot of things they really need, just like she gets to do and give it to them. Man I envy her.

The point of all of this, was that on like my 100th episode of Oprah the other day as my crippled mother ( her foot surgery went great by the way) and I watched captivated, she announced that she had a half sister (crazy right?). Well,  my mom made a HILARIOUS joke and yelled out at the end in her very best Oprah voice, "everyone in the audience.... is getting a new sister!!! YOU'RE ALL GOING HOME WITH YOUR VERY OWN SISTER!!"

I literally wet my pants it was so funny.

Good one mom. Sooooo good. O (get it?) so good.

It reminded me of this THIS clip (hilarious).