Friday, January 28, 2011

Today is a new day.

So I finally slept. Yay! I FINALLY SLEPT! I am so happy I could weep.

I didn't mean to get so snappy and grumpy yesterday....but  I REALLY didn't feel good.

Also, my dad may have had a super stressful day and my mom had only just been in for foot surgery 24 hours prior so I was trying to take care of her, while taking care of myself. She was also trying to take care of me while taking also care of herself....both of those don't work. Also making me more grump. That last post...grumpy, and emotional.

Anyway, I finally slept and although I still really don't feel good and have a migraine and all of that good stuff... sleep is my friend, and sleep makes me a happy person...and so now I can cope.

So watch me cope today as I watch another ten episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Seriously I wish someone would have told me it was so good.

And update on the overall health and the going on the mission and all  is that  the doctor said she would not send me back out for 2 to 3 months if at all...this recovery is going to take time. So that is really hard for me to accept. However, it is great because I am not going through anything serious or life threatening...this is fixable, it just makes feel really not good...and like bashing my head through a window. But this is such a blessing because really I have not been well for 6 years or so, and I think I have gotten half way better so many times. But we are at the basement level here, and I have nothing standing in my way to hurry and get better for...I can get all the way better and move forward with my life and I feel so at peace with what Heavenly Father has in store for me. So it is going to be ok, even if I don't love the process.

I just have to be patient and a few of the pills they have me on are not going to make me happy for the next little while...hence, the last few days and not sleeping and feeling so nauseated and like I want to take an axe to my body. Next week is going to be even  more rough, maybe it won't and someone up there will cut me some slack, but I am just going to prepare for the worst.

Thanks so much for all the prayers and help in my behalf. I will keep moving forward and working towards whatever future the Lord has in store. As for now I still am pretty much bound to the laying down and to the TV and once in a great while getting anyone??

So pathetic. hahah