Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Scoop.


The cold hard facts of my last couple days are KILLING me.

The fact that I have not slept in over 34 hours - ya, that one hurts. Thirty FOUR hours.

And thirty four hours of off and on migraine and nausea and a lot of other random things I won't even bother mentioning.... also, killing me softly.

It is enough to make me insane. Clinically.

And I have to eat, I don't want to eat - I really don't, because I want to throw up instead...however, I need to shove down a very large number of supplements and pills.

Oh and it makes me sick not eat. But it makes me sick TO eat ....hmmmm??? What to do??? It is quite the conundrum isn't it??

I want to cry. Yep....crying. Done.

You should probably just glue my eyelids open...because no sleeping done here.

Ya, that would probably work.

Hey, might even help the migraine....because then the air can get to my brain and dry it all up!!!!

The good news is sarcasm, my blog, and knowing I am going to get better makes me feel BETTER!

And, I have netflix.

So life is good. Way good.

K now I am laughing....all better :)