Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It has been a while! Sorry!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I have been so terrible at writing. We really have just been trying to get the migraines figured out and all of it under control...I wish I had more news for everyone! But that is about it.

THANK YOU so much to everyone for all  of the sweet gifts and cards for Christmas! I haven't been able to thank everyone personally or write back because of not feeling well...but a really special thanks to:

Clare and Lia: Thank you so much for the package and letter !! Love you guys so much and miss you. That meant so much to me to get a gift from you! Hope your Christmas in the U.S. was awesome!

Penny Dunaway: A big thanks to you and Stephen for the sweet gift. You are SO kind to always think of me and write and send such cute gifts. I love them so much and appreciate your support! Love you!

Whittles: Thanks Whit for the great package! You have been the number one supporter slash writer of my whole mish! Thank you for always caring about me! LOVE YOU!

And to everyone who prays for me and sends me letters and have been so supportive I just can't thank you enough. My heart just bursts with lots of love for each of you!

I had an amazing blessing this week and I really think that sooner rather than later these chronic migraines will stop. It has definitely been a trial, but I have seen so many amazing miracles come because of it. My blessings all say that it is by divine design that all of this has happened and I know that to be true. I am just so glad that it is not seizures anymore and that really I am doing as well as I am. The Lord is really watching out for me and I have full confidence that I will finish my mission. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and next monday and I think we are going to get some answers. 

I love this gospel with all my heart! This mission has taught me so much and I still can't believe how blessed I have been to be able to go. It definitely is not easy, but it has taught me more in these last 6 months than I could have every hoped for. I am definitely a different person and I am so glad for that. I know with all of my heart that Jesus is the Christ and that he is our Savior and our Redeemer. I love that I know that he not only suffered for my sins, but also for all of my pains, insecurities, loss, heartbreak, and disappointment....there is no devastating experience that he hasn't been lower than. He descends below all to lift us higher and that truly is so wonderful to know! I love the Book of Mormon and I know that it is the word of God, and that when combined with the Bible we have all the of the truths of the gospel. I know because I have prayed to know! And if that Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith truly was his prophet and this really is Christ's Church once again restored for our day. I love it because it is the BESTEST news EVER!

Love Always,
Sister Sheltz