Friday, September 16, 2011

I may or may not be dead....

because I am so tired. And my brain hurts.

No one would know if I am dead or alive though because I see no one anymore...not even my roommates hardly because I am never home. 

I just stay in my car driving back and forth from work, to school, back to work, back to the library.

Then I wake up and do it all again....

Blog?? What is a blog? I don't even know anymore because I haven't been on this thing in forever.


Anyway, I am working WAY too much (aka 55 hours plus a me I am trying to get less) and my class load is much harder than I expected...but I am going to live. Maybe.

And one day I just might be a nurse. But sometimes I seriously have my doubts.

Either way, I paid for this experience (can you believe we pay tons of money to put ourselves through this hell called college??) and I can tell you I am working my little bum off to do well.

On a good note, it is amazing how much better I can think after this heart surgery. is crazy.

Well, I had been waiting to post this but I have also been so busy like a bee trying to get together a surprise 50th birthday party for this pretty lady:

It worked so great too! She seriously had no idea at all and the best surprise was flying in this other pretty lady...
Her Sister (or Stisto as they call each other) from Seattle. I wish I had her reaction on film because it was amazing and made me cry so much!

I will post pictures later of how it turned out...I was pretty happy with it.

Can you believe she is 50? Ya, me neither. Her cake was a bonfire because she is so old ;).

Anyway, life is good and I am happy to not be laying on the couch dying...even if sometimes I do feel like laying around all day.

Hope everyone has a happy day and a great top 10 lines from the good ol' old folks coming soon....