Friday, September 2, 2011

A whole lotta crazy.

Well, everything has been nuts lately. A few updates:

1. I moved into my little house and I love it! (pictures to come)

2. I started school and it is nutso. Remember how I was wanting to be busy?? Well, tad-dah! Almost too busy.

3. I am working a ton and I still love it oh, so much! Even if I am so worn out by the end of the night my eye-balls feel like they are going to fall out and my back hurts sa-bad.

4. I am going back to being a nurse. Don't worry I have changed my major 600 times. Now that I feel good I realize how much I love it.  Maybe one day I will have a bachelor's? One day. Work hard now so you can work even harder later right?

5. I miss my little fam. I love being on my own again but I do miss my house too!

Well, on a random note I was looking at my friend's video that went viral...they are so nuts, but it is a pretty cool video. Don't worry, he is the one in the green frog suit, naturally.

And then it reminded me of this other crazy man....

Why are people so nuts? I am not brave, that is for sure.

Happy Friday!


Jasmine said...

yay chels! Im so glad youre gonna be a nurse again! Youre gonna make such an awesome one. Youre the most caring person ever! Dat-ma!