Sunday, June 22, 2008


Today I started just thinking about all the stuff I really miss....and gosh there is a long list. But I thought I would just post them on here.

I miss...

1. Being healthy and waking up NOT tired.

2. Cascade Elementary School


4.The magic of Christmas

5.My Roomies

6. High School craziness

7. Doing theater

8. Africa

9. The option to be immature ALL the time

10. Bear Lake trips with Ty Ty and Devan and the Fam

11. Losing teeth and getting money for it

12. Big neighborhood parties with all the kids in the summer

13. Late night talks with Jules and Ramen

And I could go on forever! Don't get me wrong I LOVE where I am at now....but don't you ever think about what you miss?


Kate Panelley said...

I really love what you said about things ya miss. Its sad but true.. there are many good and bad memories but its amazing to step back and look at your life each step of the way and how it effected who you are and your life today instead of focusing on just the present. I really liked your thought. I MISS YOU!!