Monday, June 23, 2008

SO much to see!

Ok. Can I just say that I LOVE traveling. I love everything about it. I love the weird smells of going somewhere new, jet lag, not knowing where to go or what to see, I love watching people in busy cities where no one gives you one glance or pays one thought to you, subways, taking buses, boats, big venues, new food, different art, histoical sites, gift shops, postcards, looking like a tourist, meeting people, werid cultural beliefs, the smell of the airport, and the list could go on! I love it all. The good and the bad of it.

I guess the only problem now is that is costs about 6 arms and 6 legs...LITERALLY to go anywhere. Still! I wanna go. One of my goals in life is to see every I better start makng some good casheesh! I love culture so much...and there is so much of it to see! Kenya was like my favorite thing in the word to see because it was so different and so foreign to what I was used to seeing...yet all of the people I came in contact with were just like I am...and it made me realize how many different people there really are. It blows my mind. I hope I can get my minor in African studies too so I can use my nursing degree also. But there are so many cultural issues and myths that in order to REALLY help, you have to understand those so that you can tackle the rest of the problems that are plaguing a continent. Gosh I just love it all. I guess that is my thought today! More later. :)


keester said...

oh my gosh! chelsea! i'm so glad i found your blog. this is kirsten siebach by the way. i love traveling too... i just got back from france on saturday and loved it. hope you're doing well! and i'm sorry about the knee.... no no fun.