Saturday, June 21, 2008

My "Someday" House

So here I lay at 6:30 AM day after surgery, and I did not sleep a wink all night. So I am just here watching one of my faves, "Dan in Real Life", waiting til I can take my next dose of pain meds, and looking at my dream houses and dream things to put in that house. So here is what I came up with! And I REALLY want this one day.

This is the beautiful cottage I found. It could be a little smaller, but it is perfect!

Lovely! For the family room.

Master Bedroom

Gardening Room....ah! Love it.

For the porch

Beautiful for outside summer nights

The kitchen

I love this dining room

...And! I couldn't find a good picture, but I definitely want a legit. tree house. I just think it is necessary for my "someday" house. Now whether I get this house now...or in the afterlife, I will have it one day. Promise promise! Now I get more pain meds. Wahoo.


Kristin Louise said...

Beautiful!! I just recently posted on my own blog how I too want to live in a cottage someday, or just rent one in Europe for a time. The one you've found is very lovely.

rebecca said...

are these all from the same house? they are all gorgeous! what great taste you have!