Monday, June 30, 2008


This is my roommate and one of my bestest best friends Camille "Shmille" Brown.

It's her BIRFDAY today! I am SO so sad that I can't be down there in St. George to Celebrate! But here is things I love about Shmille:

1. When she get's really really hyper. It's kinda scary...but kind of makes me excited.
2. That she tastes blood in her mouth (literally) when she is going to be late.
3. That she stands at the door twenty...k maybe 15 (Cam, I'm not budgin'! Linnea will back me up! haha) minutes before class is going to start, ready to go, and it is probably 2 maybe 3 minutes away (literally).

4. That she is ALWAYS there for me, and has heard me cry more than one person should have to hear another person cry.
5. That she love Scuddles (my puppy) almost or maybe as much as I do.
6. That she doesn't really ever cry...and I never understand how she can do that! I can't even get through stupid Bambi! I have seen her cry once though, and I didn't like it, but I kinda did cuz it made me feel a little more normal.
7. That she love, love, LOVES chocolate. And popcorn. It's really funny, and she may kill me for letting out her secret, but she has what is called a "half cup". She literally hides under her bed chocolate chips and a half cup, and when she has a moment or just needs a fix she goes to that like she is hiding her flask under her bed.
8. She saves ALL of her "Dove Promises". It's like fortunes on chocolate wrappers. She tapes them in her food cupboard. Promise.

9. That she doesn't like bubble baths. I know right?! She gets bored. HA! That's the best part.
10. She's a big chick flick enthusiast, and I am totally ok with that! It makes for good fridays....actually every day in apt. 11.
11. That she doesn't think Nick Stokes on CSI Is hot. WHAT THE?!
12. That she is WAY too fast at Excell. And I am really slow. And bad words come out of my mouth at 11 0 Clock at night when we are at the stupid computer center and I can't finish stupid CIS, and she just laughs and is calm, and I freak out.
13. That she is secretly REALLY really good at Violin and won't let anyone see.
14. That a lot of men are interested in her, and we all know it, but she is really good at being "hard to get". I'm not good at that. But she is.
15. That she is such a great girl who is an example of what it means to be a true friend. She is a really great roommate too! I guess I just got super lucky (*coughs* you know what I mean, sweet spirit!), and I ended up with great roomies.

I love your guts Cam-shmille! Thanks for putting up with all my insane illnesses and weird things that happen to me, and forwarding my mail, and running to get my prescriptions, and listening to me cry, and laughing with me, and watching 6000 episodes of CSI even if you do remember all of them, and helping me stay on top of my life, and listening to every story in the book about me and Tyface, and being an example! And just all of it! HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wish I was there! :)


angie and ronnie... said...

Thanks Chels! I didn't even know you had a blog! Yay! I love to blog. and now we're blog friends too!

Megan said...

This is Megan Jolley!!! First off...I freakin' love your blog! It's too flippin cute, and since I haven't talked to you in over a CENTURY, it's good to see what you've been up to! I'll totally be checkin' up on your posts from now on! How's Ty-face? Colb is just hittin his Year mark!!! YEAH FOR MISSIONARIES! :)

PS. Cam, is lucky to have a friend like you! I'm sure she's an awesome friend (from everything you've said about her) both of you girls are lucky!

Luv ya to reeses pieces girly!