Thursday, June 19, 2008


So here I sit. My knee strategically elevated, and bored out of my mind. So! I decided to join this blogging insanity and make one of my own. My real inspiration: Julie Ann Garbutt, and my favoritest photographer Rebekah Westover. They have awesome blogs, and so I wanna blog too. So here goes nothin.

On my mind I gotta have surgery tomorrow on my knee and I am slightly nervous since last surgery was not the funnest thing ever and somewhat of a disaster. Yet at the same time when I think of the surgery I find myself laughing hysterically because I have ANOTHER malfunction with this body. And so I ask why? Why is it that I can't get better? I have no idea, but I am ready for the resurrection to come. HA! Here is what is up with my knee:

This is a normal knee and normal meniscus

The one on the left is a normal meniscus and the right is mine

And so...the story goes that since mine is not hollow like it is supposed to be I ripped it right down the middle. OUCH! And no it is not fun at all. And hopefully this doesn't gross you out...I thought it was pretty sweet! I wanna watch them do the surgery! But this is what it looks like:

Other than that, life is pretty fan-freakin-tastic! And I am very happy. EFY was this past week and I had a great time and I LOVE working with the youth. Here are some pictures: