Saturday, January 16, 2010

Embarrassing #2

So this has been one crazy week. Seriously INSANE. And, well, I would write about it if I could sort it out, but I can't! It's too crazy. My mom got plenty of phone calls of me in tears this week. Here are some key hightlights:

* Backing into my roommates car
*Seeing eight patients a day before class
*Going back to student government and having SO much to do
*Starting classes again...blerk.
*Figuing out money....blerk times 2
*Having a REALLY hurty knee
*Having no time to breathe
*Having an INSANELY messy room and no time to clean it

Anyway, it was just one of those crappy weeks. On to the good stuff...what you have all been waiting for! Another embarrassing moment. This one happened to me when I was in either 4th or 5th grade, I can't really remember.

Well, I was over playing at my friend Makena's house with a whole bunch of friends one afternoon and I was feeling "left out", as most dramatic elementary school girls so often feel. Well, the thing to do (and everytime I tell this story I always have girls who totally know what I am talking about when I say this) was when you were feeling left out you would go and hide. You knew they cared about you if after you left you heard, "hey! Where did Chelsea go?"...that means you were important enough to notice you weren't there. Well, I decided I was going to go and hide.I secretly tip-toed out and carefully layed down in the shower. It was one of those curtains where I could see out and no one could see in. Well, Makena's dad owned a business that he ran from out of his home. He had one of his business partners over, and while I was in the shower he decided he needed to go to the bathroom. In walks this man and closes the door. Oh crap. I am laying there thinking, "Well, if he just stands up to go potty, I will be fine. I can just lay here and he will never know. But if he sits down I coukl be in here forever! And what if he opens the curtain?!" I started to feel some strong anxiety at this point of what I was going to do. Well, all of the sudden he sits down. Double crap. Well, in a moment of haste I yell "WAIT!!" and throw open the curtain. That poor guy. I scared him so bad he was in the corner covering himself in the corner with a look of fear mixed with confusion and surprise. I covered my eyes and muttered, "I am so sorry! We were playing hide and seek and well..." and ran out. Wow, I was super embarrassed. What was worse was that I had to go explain to my friends what I did! We laughed so hard. Unfortunately for that guy, I don't think was laughing too hard back.


Tripp Hazard said...

Ha ha ha. I love it. Seeing something like that could damage a little girl tremendously. Glad you made it out alive. If you don't have enough time to breathe, I suggest cutting some stuff out of your life. Breathing is essential.