Sunday, January 24, 2010

WW...kind of like AA

So if you know me, you know that lately I have been trying to shed a few pounds. After being sick for a long time and knee issues... I had been so inactive against my will. Inactive=extra poundage, no matter how good you eat sometimes. Anyway, I decided I was going to do Weight Watchers. It is easily the most sensible, healthy, safe, and do-able. After an insanely busy week I actually had an hour to go to my first meeting.

Oh man, it was funny. It definitely reminds me of an Alcoholics Anonymous...or AA. So this is a WW meeting...or Weight Watchers. Let me explain how it works, or how my meeting went:

First off it was a room full of little pleasant, mainly older, ladies.
You walk in, and weigh in...not exactly fun.
Then the lady who was hosting the meeting had a little "activity".
She wrote the alphabet down and then asked us to name a physical activity for every letter of the alphabet. This was amusing to me, and well, felt a lot like elementary school.
By this time I was falling asleep because the night before had been our big fundraiser and I had been up since six seeing about 5 patients. I was pooped.

They startled me when they asked me to come up and introduce myself, my age, and what weight loss goals I had. Then they handed me a straw and said it represented my "last straw" of why I wanted to do this...haha.

Then they had their exciting accomplishments moment.
People raised their hand and would say things like, "I met my 5 pound goal!", "I was able to exercise a full hour every day!", "I successfully stayed on the plan for a month." I thought this was great, especially when they started handing out little star stickers to each one who met a goal to put in their book.

Also, I saw one of my professors there which was kind of funny.

Then you sit through a meeting with flip cards and ways to fit fitness into your everyday life.
Such as: using the milk gallon as a weight while you wait for the water to boil on your dinner.
Benching your child.
Running up and down the stairs holding your vacuum.
Parking your car extra far when you go to the store.
Leg lifts while you fold laundry.
(yes these were real suggestions)

I did feel a little young and out of place since I am childless and in school. And well, definitely didn't have to lose as much as most people in there, which made me feel better.
I guess whatever works!

Oh man, I don't know why I think it is funny, but I do. Don't get me wrong! It works, but it is just so comical.

Welp! Here's to gettin' in shape!


A Real Good Bet said...

We should put a little star chart on the fridge for you for each week you meet your goal! haha.

Julie said...

Haha. Benching your child. You'll have to use Sonny, or something.

Anonymous said...


Bonnie said...

one time i looked out the window and saw my dad horizontal in the air going up..down..up..down... my brother was benching him.

ha, chels this was very funny, I wish i could've been there to experience it with you.