Monday, August 8, 2011

Wonderful weekend.

This last weekend was so crazy. I had:

- One of my best friend's wedding
-A family reunion
- Work
- And a Real Soccer game

I feel like I was on the road a lot...down to Manti, Salt Lake, Sundance, and Salt Lake again...but I had a blast. I am not so much in the writing mood so here are some pictures of my adventures...

The happy couple:

 All the bridesmaids!

The Saint George Bridesmaids

Me and Kels so sad that Ash is not there...

And look at Vayla's amazing bridals by Erin Summerill. She looks stunning right? And so does Chad of course...

 SO pretty. And yes, if you were wondering, those are ALL her lashes. Kill her.

And then of course the Real Game where Salt Lake slaughtered New York 3-0. I love Real Salt Lake games...if you live in the area and you haven't gone, you need to go.

However, when we are trying to watch this:

And you get this instead:

it is not super fun. Rough I tell you.

Way fun. 

Have a happy day!