Thursday, January 17, 2013

Updates...of course.

Here we are friends, a little update on the health. I am finally getting myself to actually update because people have been asking how I have been doing and I have been avoiding it maybe a little?? It can get tiring telling the same story over and over again, so this is so much easier.

But I think I really have been avoiding because I want so badly to have great news and tell you all I am feeling awesome, but I'm just not and don't have a ton of great news.

So, I don't want this blog, or my situation to feel like a drag.

I want to start out with some funny stuff.

With all these meds and so much pain, I have been soooooo grumpy. Ridiculously grumpy. Like people just look at me wrong, drive slow, my professor makes a dumb joke, or I can't find a parking space and I get all fussy and I want to punch someone in the face. That is just so unlike me....I'm generally a somewhat patient person....but not when I have to get up and actually do stuff and I am in huge amounts of pain.

So I was just laughing so hard about these because it about summed up about how I felt this week. (I feel so bad for my family some days. They should be glad I treated myself to a pedi on Monday after school so I didn't come home AS grumps.)


Also when I have a long day, nothing makes it better like I cry actual tears every time.

You are so welcome. 

As far as my heart goes I have been feeling a lot like this lately:

Lot's of pain meds, lots of low energy. LOT'S of being shuffled from one doctor to another because everyone get's too nervous to deal with me. To sum up:

1. I have pericarditis again, for the fourth time, which is the inflammation of the sac around the heart. This puts pressure on my heart and sends it into really weird rhythms and creates pain like you wouldn't believe. This is because it creates swelling not only around the heart, but also so much inflammation in my back around my spine and in between my ribs. Aye carumba. I have just been on a whole lot of pain meds trying to get through it until someone could officially diagnose me and give me the prescription of steroids, without me just diagnosing myself...ha, ha. Pain meds are just a bandaid and steroids actually get rid of the problem. Today they finally put me on very high dose of prednisone and I can already tell a difference, which is great news.

2. I am still having abnormal rhythms that started before the pericarditis and could see these episodes very clearly on a 24 hour monitor. So now, for more testing, I'm back on an event monitor for two weeks and I should be going in for another surgery the beginning of February to try an ablate where the tachycardia is occurring. 

3. In order to keep the rhythms in check as much as possible I am on high doses of beta blockers again (we all know how much I love these). Can't wait to get off of those things again....they make me feel so crazy.

4. Started school, like a nut, and shoved all my classes into Monday/Wednesday which is kind of nice and kind of a nightmare. However, I feel so much better when I have something to work towards and not just lay here watching TV all day...even if it is hard right now. It will definitely get easier as I get better from the pericarditis and my professors are willing to work through it with me. 

So ya, we're getting there. And even though I am a mystery and a little frustrating for all these doctors sometimes, I know one day it is gonna be better. One day I am gonna wake up and feel awesome! We'll all keep waiting with crossed fingers for that day to come sooner rather than later. Because really, this is just making me so tired.

For now, I'll just keep on keepin' on.


Grumpy Girl


Xexa said...

Chels! You are so strong and beautiful. And I love how your "grumpiness" is still so kind. Just like I remember you!!! Sending prayers. xoxo

Norma said...

Yes one day at a time. How do I are always fun to be around!!!

rebecca said...

I know you probably don't feel very inspiring, but you are. I'm super grumpy and low energy lately, but you make me try to be a happier, less hormonal mom. I hope you feel better soon.

Zane and Cami said...

Haha, glad I'm not the only grumpy one. Too bad I don't have the excuse of being on so many meds and having super huge heart probs. I think I'm just missin' fam...thank heavens we will be visiting Utah in a few months...I will get some cafe rio and I think I will be all better of my grumpiness :) I love your guts Chels. Miss you daily.