Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yesterday was a poopy day.

It really was. One of those where I was just tired and grouchy for no good reason.
The day started out great when I lost my keys for an hour so I was late...
I had to find THOSE exact keys and not my spare because I am the only one with a key to the clinic in Salt Lake.
That mademe nervous when I left late.

It was pouring, which I usually like, but not when I had a cooler, file hangers, a laptop,
a purse, a lunch, and a backpack to carry
and when there is a girl who just sits there watching me
struggle and drop everything while I opened the door,
it kind of gets to you.

Our last appointment was at one, but I had a blood draw that COULD NOT COME (her words, she was desperate to get in) until 5.
So I decided to do her a favor after speaking with
her on the phone and said I would wait if
she could come right at five.
In the midst of that time period of nothing to do I read about every single
People and Time magazine I could get my hands on
and I read about this marriage that is crumbling:

This made me really sad to see this marriage ending. Poor kids.
Well, 4 hours later the girl shows up late and says to me,
"oh you know what, I think I decided that I don't want to have
the blood work done after all. I thought about it and I think it is too expensive."

Oh really lady, did you figure that out a while ago??? You could have called.
I was ticked, wouldn't normally be, but I was.

Well, because of that delay that meant I was going to be leaving Salt Lake at 5:30 which means horrible traffic....
and it was.

2 hours and 500 incidences of being cut off (which also adds to my buggy mood) later,
I was home watching So You Think You Can Dance.
I felt much better after that.

Whew, good thing there was a new day today, and I am happy to report I am not fussy today.


The Payne's said...

Days like that just suck! I'm so sorry my dear. I agree with the whole Jon and Kate thing. They looked so happy a year ago and now everything is falling apart. They just need to stop being stupid and pull their heads out. Poor kids... makes me so sad. They just need to work things out and stop being so dumb!

kayla & tyler said...

I'm so sorry about your bad day! I hate those days! but it's so true, 'So you Think you can Dance' can always brighten your mood! i love that show. I"m glad you are feeling better!

Matthew said...

I don't wanna hear about SLC traffic... I'll be visiting in August and HATE traffic!

... but glad that SYTYCD could help ya out. =)