Saturday, June 20, 2009

A great phlebotomist tale.

Yesterday I needed to get a full panel blood draw from a husband and wife.
Well, the wife had no good veins due to not drinking any water...but I found it and 5 vials later she was done.
Husband steps up and says, "Oh they never get mine. They are really hard, so don't worry if you don't."
2 sticks later and still no blood.
Since it is more elective and necessary he said, "Oh don't worry about it! I don't want to really have it run anyway."
Well, that was that and then he left.

2 Hours later I find out it's this guy:

Larry Gibson AKA the first counselor in the General Young Men's Presidency.

Yes. A general authority. I am glad I didn't know that BEFORE I drew or I would have been much more nervous.

Wish I would have gotten blood. 

Better luck next time.