Friday, July 3, 2009

A bad, bad, blogger.

Alright, so obviously it has been a freaking long time since I have blogged....or at least it seems like it. A lot has happened since the last post! Here is a list.

-Computer went out in my car
-Had a guy pass away on me at work while I was holding his hand
-Saw some REALLY great movies (UP!, My Sister's Keeper, and The Proposal)
-Had a few health scares for myself
-Had all the Gould cousin's and family here
-Worked A LOT
-Lost 11 pounds :)
-Went to St. George to catch up with all the kids

Here is the story of the week though.

This is the Virgin River in St. George

which we decided to float.

I had an hour and a half until my meeting for service council (which was the reason I even went down there aside from seeing all the friends) and we thought that that would be the
PERFECT amount of time to float it. A good hour MAX to float it.

So we started going, parking our cars about three miles apart thinking that it would run really fast and we would have just a great time.

So off we went on our 2 dollar vibrantly colored inner tubes down the river. What we thought would be swift and deep was actually about 4-6 inches in about 90 percent of the river and the speed... about .48973 mph. Once we got about half way 
we realized that we were in some deep yogurt.
 No phones, no car, no way out of the river, no people in sight.....and I knew I was going to be EXTREMELY late to the meeting I was supposed to hold. 

In desperation Ashley starts yelling for help. Scraped up, bruised, and bug bit we plugged along. 2 and a half hours we finally made it to the underpass and OUT of the river.

Still with no phone or cars, we decided to hitchhike in our swimsuits and innertubes. To no avail. We got a lot of laughs and a lot of honks, but not a single person to pick us up. So we walked to the apartment to where my phone was with 18 missed alerts and a missed meeting. Oops. 

We later found out we were supposed to END where we started and START about 2 miles above that. NO WONDER. 

I will never forget it.
And I will never try to float it again.


Meg said...

I had a BAD, BAD experience with that in the provo river one year. The river was lower than usual and my tube popped and I was stranded. Barefoot and didn't know what to do. I hiked up the side and walked the road burning my feet with every step and bloody, bruised legs and baulling till I was reunited 3 hours later with my party. Hated every min of it!

Tawny Christensen said...

of course. HA.

dear chels, i am unaware of you have gotten my past text messages or not, but i would just like to reiterate the underlying message (pun): i heart you. sincerely. i think you're great. sincerely. i hope you are WELL. sincerely. i hope to reunite--as you are in utah. sincerely! have a beautiful day!

ps. it is july. 2009. what? as in... HELLO tyler? what! you know i am keepin you in mind.

Ashley said...

haha! good times. oh it is fun to read your blog at two am! come home, i miss you.