Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tom's day.

Yesterday had to be one of the best days, ever. 
I got to take Tom from the home fishing with Bonnie, Lekelsi, and Devan.
It was so fun to see him SO happy and excited to have his day.
He had been talking about this trip for weeks and he waited patiently by the door in his hat and wranglers all day.
Everyday he told everyone, "Guess where I'm goin?! Fishin! On the lake!"
This couldn't have made me more excited to take him.
We finally got him in the car and got to the hamburger place (we had been promising him a hamburger too), and got him his  long awaited hamburger and hot fudge sundae. He downed it! And with chocolate all over his face, glasses, fingers, and shirt he laughed at what a mess he was making and how good it tasted.

Of course, when we got there, the wind blew hard, the road was bumpy on his poor back, bugs everywhere, and I forgot the most important of the bait bags.
It didn't matter to Tom. He laughed and sang to the fishes "Pearly Shells" and any other Hawaiian song he could think of in honor of me being a pineapple
 (Devan told him to call me that).
The wind calmed and blew a perfect breeze with a beautiful sunset. 
Watching the smile on his face and having him tell me how 
fun it was made my eyes water a little.
After a few hours on the lake it got too dark and it was hard to leave.
I asked him, "are you tired?"
he replied, "I'm never tired when I'm fishin'! Not in pain either!"
We drove home and listened to hymns while he sang to each and every one of them.
It was so dear.
I don't know that I have had that much fun and been that happy in a while...


A Real Good Bet said...

Oh that sounds like it was so fun!!!