Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oldies but goodies.

Man! I have been meaning to write forever, and also meaning to call/text back the billion people who have been trying to get ahold of me...
but it has been so busy!
Like always, one day I think I will get a breather.
Anyway, loving the old folks as usual.....
so after talking about the snitches I love, I finally got some good pics. SO CUTE.

This is little Virginia. I just loved her SO much, however she passed away this week.
I am so glad she is with her husband and all the sweet people she did temple work for.

Anyway, here is the cute b-b-q we had for them. Most of them were thrilled! Some not so much because it was out of the ordinary. It is going to be so hard to leave them next week. But too bad the George of Saint calls, and I have to go back and hit the books. Moving on! Here are the darling pictures:

Ok I do have to tell this story (with her permission). 
This is Imogene: 

She is the one that is sure there is a "half man, half ET under her bed and she is 'completely serious'".
Anyway, she is crazy and loves to tell us she is. She told me that "it takes one to know one" and I am just as much as a "loony" as she is.
Well, I asked her to describe this half man, half ET to me and Dev and Jasmine. This is what we got (imagine a southern accent):
"Well, he's got red yarn hair about down to the end of his ear lobes and a face like that commercial ET that got all that hype. He lives right there under the end of my bed and if I put my leg down there I am sure he is going to gnaw it off. I usually put my crumbs underneath so that it can ward him off."
Sure enough, there was stack of cookies right underneath the bed to ward off the crazy.

I could tell hundreds of stories to go with each of those pictures.
Funny, sad, inspiring, happy, and just plain crazy.

If you wanna make your day, visit an old folks home.
You will love it just as much as they need it.
It sure made Devan's day!
She (meaning Imo) told Devan that she didn't want to "get fresh with him" but he needed
to see her "A double S!"


kayla & tyler said...

HAHAHAHAHHA that last story made me laugh so hard!! this seems so fun for you! old people are so sweet!! me and my family call St. George, george of saint too!! wow, we are twins. Sorry about Virginia passing away! It's good to know that she is with her husband again :)