Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Old folks moments

It seems I always have really funny stories to tell about my jobs between nannying and working with old people (or at least funny to me).

A few days ago one of the guys that I take care of (for HIPPA reasons we will call him Richard) said funnier stuff than usual.
He sits in his chair day after day, and his dear wife is there EVERY single day to take care of him.
This results in a conversation that goes like this:

"Richard how you feeling?"
"Help! Help!"
"Richard, I'm right here. You're ok."
"Are you my wife"
"No sweetheart, I'm not your wife, but she is coming soon!"
"So is Christmas."

HA! Genius.

Next episode. We will call her Judy.
Judy calls me snitch, I call her stinky.
"Judy! How you feeling?"
"I don't know. How am I feeling?"
"So good! You never felt or looked better in your whole life!"
"Oh you're cute as a button!"
"Stinky, you're full of it."
"Full of what? S#*$? Because I think I went to the bathroom eight times today!"
"Oh you're funny Judy! What brought you to Utah?"
(Laughing REALLY hard by now)
"Because of all the mormons?"
"Oh honey, I don't know what those are. What are they then?"
"Oh you know, that one religion that takes over Utah? I'm one."
"Oh good, I think I like em' then"


funnier stories to come.


Michelle + Blake said...

Chels these are so funny! keep posting them, they're adorable! Your jobs sound so fun!