Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thailand Trip: Day 4

Today has been great! I am exhausted however so this is kind of going to be a short post with just down to the nitty gritty of what we did:

1. Got up at 6 AM to get ready for construction day at the school.
2. Dug (and are still working on) 6 ft holes with tools that are really hard to work with and very old.
3. Sweated our brains out, to the point where I drank 5 bottles of water in 4 hours and never peed once.
4. Helped work on pathways, sewage systems, and a park for the kids.
5. The kids took me down to the Buddhist temple for today, I respected Buddah. Hmmmm...
6. Played with the kids and learned some Thai! It is so hard not being able to communicate.
7. Went to a monkey park! So funny, and crazy, and even a little scary at times.
8. Saw my first Monsoon rain! We all ran outside and played in it. It was pouring! Beautiful, and warm.
9. Had a beautiful sacrament meeting with some in our group.
10. Went through our hundreds of supplies that we brought! Awesome!
11. Got my first Thai massage. 2 hours=12 Dollars. It was, definitely different. They contort you, and get all those pressure points you're praying they won't get. Not the most relaxing, but I feel good now!

Because photos take so long to update here, I will just post as many as I can before this body withers away. Today was some hard-core manual labor. I have worked some hard days in my life, but between the heat, humidity, and difficulty of the tasks at hand, I am pretty pooped. In a great way....these people are SO incredibly appreciative of everything we are helping with and are some of the most giving I have ever seen. You just can't know how wonderful it is to be here and to love them on such a different level. Our hearts are so connected and I just love them so dearly.

More later!!

Photo choices of the day!

1. Awwww, we love each other!

2. Cutie! Love this picture times a million.
I taught her Shaka Brah! Hang loose :)
Wish you could hear her funny. 

3. Our Monsoon dive! Fun, fun. 

4. After a hard day's work on construction.