Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thailand trip catch-up!!

Alright, I have been a little behind because we have been a little crazy here! We got done with the service part of the trip and are now on a relaxing diverging part of it. Our service trip was in Phagna which is a little more north of where are now in Mai Khao beach.

Not going to lie...we are in a five star hotel for not a five star price and I am enjoying it a little too much! It is paradise and I am sure glad I am getting to relax before a mission, which I hear is everything but that.

The sexy six stayed behind and we are having the time of our lives! Here is a recap on what we have been doing clear back to our final day with Youthlinc:

1. Took an amazing boat tour/canoeing trip to these beautiful caves and scenery. I would try to write about how great it really was but there really aren't enough words to describe the beauty that took my breath away.

2. Got to our Mariott Vacation Club resort in Mai Khao where they had leis, juice, cold towels, and a bell boy waiting for us. We all freaked out when we realized we paid $140 flat for seven nights of that....our room has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, and the best bed I have ever slept in. It was QUITE the change from our last hotel.

3. The next day after MUCH needed rest, we spent all day at the pool and beach too cherry red to describe. Starved ourselves with 10 baht raman packets because the bad news about staying in a 5 star resort is 5 star prices for food....

4. We were so excited when our Youthlinc driver Reed would be our driver for the day and our favorite superman tour guide Japan showed up to take us around for the day! This started the best day of our Vayla says.

5. Visited Chalong Temple that was beautiful and at the top it had a bone of Buddha...literally. This is a really big deal.

6. Next stop the BIG BIG Buddha on top of the hill. It was SO amazing! Pictures below of course.

7. Got to go to TESCO!!! Wahoo!! This is like a Walmart and we all went crazy here! There were so many things we were dying to food, and many other necessities. Best part: SOOO cheap. Also we got lunch for less than 2 dollars and it was a ton of food! Whew...I can't handle coming back to American prices.

8. Went back to Patong beach and enjoyed some bardering! I love getting good deals on awesome Thai treasures.

9. Went to the spa that was awesome with AWESOME prices. I got a one hour oil massage for 12 dollars. Best massage I ever had P.S....I think we may go back...facials for 6 bucks? Yes ma'am!

10. Drove back along the coast and enjoyed great scenery...minus car sickness.

11. Had a great night swim!! So beautiful.

12. Today we mostly hung out at the pool and the beach! Took beautiful pictures, watched a Thai sunset ceremony, went to dinner for dirt cheap, now enjoying a game of scum, and finally the US world cup game...I don't think life could get better!

I seriously am so grateful for such an awesome experience....I have never worked so hard and also played and relaxed so hard. Great combo!! More later, I will keep better caught up! Miss you all and wish you were here with me :)

Quality pictures of the day(s):

Canoeing with Youthlinc! So gorgeous.

Me with Josh in our awesome canoe!

Tricks off our boat! 

Me and Vay fell asleep on the front of the boat!
I have never ever been that burned...ever.

At our resort....AWESOME!

At the pub watching the Italy game! So fun. 
Tom showed us magic tricks.

Big Buddha!
So awesome.

Getting a fish pedicure!
Weirdest thing ever...I don't think i liked it too much. 
They eat your dead skin.

The Thai sunset ceremony!
SO amazing.

The sexy six at the beach at sunset.

Cute girls! 

Sunset! Gorgeous.

Yay for Thailand 2010!

My roomie :) Love you Vay.

More later!! Kahp-pun-kah!