Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things I am really just loving.

Like I said earlier, lately, life has been pretty good. It is really nice to have things just be better, and feel better, and go better in general. I feel so blessed for that!

Anyway, I am really loving a few things right now...

 1. Schlack.

Ever heard of it ladies?? If  is INCREDIBLE. A manicure/fingernail polish that lasts about 3 weeks. No chipping. Looks amazing.

2.  The Gym

I love that I can work out again! It really has been probably a year and a half, at least, since I have been able to work out. I had to wait a while before I could do cardio after my surgery and it feels so good to just be moving again.

3. Baptisms.

One of my friends from South Korea was baptized last week. It was one best I have ever seen and she was glowing! I could not hold back the tears because I loved it so much. It made me miss the mission like crazy!

4. Teavana.

Do you like herbal tea?? Because seriously this place is insane. I am loving their amazing teas...and the store is lovely.

Moroccan Mint...yum.

5. Living at home. 

I like moving out and being on my own, but living at home rocks. It's also easy on the wallet. And I kinda like these nut cases...

6. Not being school.

I never knew how awesome having no school could be. So awesome,  in fact, that (don't be mad) I seriously changed my major again. This time I promise it is the LAST time. When I realized I could have a master's in Public Health by the time I have a Bachelor's or possibly even an RN in nursing, I quickly changed my mind. So here is the official major (and is it not perfect for me?? I have never felt better): Public Health with an emphasis in International Development and minoring in Gerontology. Seriously everything I love rolled into still working in health...and not wasting all of my hard work in science classes. Also, I can have my degree in 3 semesters. Please and thank you.

7. My job!

I love, love, LOVE my new job. Honestly, how cute are these kids?? The only problem is how attached I get to these darling people. If you have a loved one who needs extra care in an assisted living center, Bel Aire in American Fork is really incredible. Also, if you need volunteer would love it! Just let me know.

8. My Facebook contest at work.

Can you help me win?? It only takes two seconds! I just need to get the most votes on Facebook proving I am the biggest fan of my old folks home so I can win a romantic weekend get away...haha. But seriously.

Don't worry, I want to give it to my I really want to win! Vote for me HERE.

9. Ash is coming home!

This little Sister Missionary is coming home in less than a month! I can't wait for my Vegas weekend to reunite with my bestest best friends.

10. Politics.

I am really getting in to this year's presidential election. Ya, ya, Mitt is a Mormon...but that is not why I am interested. I just really, really can't wait to see Obama out of that dang white house. Can we hurry any faster?

That is all. Have a happster day!


Christine-Chioma said...

I love Mitt too! He's doing so well!

Love the major change. It seems perfect! Don't worry about changing it a few times...that's what college is for!

Something you'll have to add to your list in the future: hanging out with former mission companions!