Sunday, March 3, 2013

Favorites of the Week

Haven't done one of these posts in a here goes nothin!

1. Favorite Product:

Dasani Drops

So I will be the first to admit that I don't love water as much as I should. In my perfect world Diet Coke would be water....but it isn't. Anyway, these little drops have quadrupled my water intake and does not have any sugar or calories or even the aspartame that is apparently so bad for you. Don't get me wrong, there is still nothing better to me than a Diet Coke, but this is really helping curb my cravings for sweets and other juices and drink way more water. They are delicious too! And I love the strawberry kiwi and pineapple coconut the best.

Also I am obsessed with Vine.
If you don't know what it is, it is time to learn. It is an app much like Instagram, only with 6 second videos. It is hilarious for the most part and pretty fun. Just another way to document life. Unfortunately it has only been developed for iPhones so far, but they are working on Android and other compatibilities. 

2. Favorite food or recipe

Kneaders French Toast

Ok, duh. So delish. Had this yesterday and I probably shouldn't have. If you live or are visiting Utah and have never been, it is time. They are even endless...but I have never made it past one piece. So too rich for me, but that means I can have it the next day! Yummers. 

3. Favorite moment of the week:

Well, I have been in bed all it hasn't been too exciting. However, for the first time in my life, I can honestly say that my dog ate my homework. I wasn't super happy about it, but then I just thought it was so funny. Like four of my books and binders have the edges chewed off them. Chloe is so dang independent and into EVERYTHING. We should have named her Dora...the explorer. What a little funny. 

4. Favorite lesson of the week:

Never give up. The Lord ALWAYS keeps his promises. Don't lose faith.

This week our family experienced an incredible miracle that is too personal to share. But all I know is that God is there for us. When we do our best, he will carry us through. He will not forsake us. Keep going. 

5. Favorite song of the week:

Uhm....duh. Suit and Tie. Obsessed. 

6. Favorite video of the week:

I watched this no less than 30 times in one day and had tears every time. I am sure everyone has seen it, but it is just so dang funny. When I first saw it, it only had 1500 views, and then the next day it had 9 million. It was crazy!!

7. Favorite thing on TV:

Oh man. This show just gets funnier and funnier. Last week's episode "The Parking Spot" gave my sister and I legit tears we were laughing so hard. 

8. Favorite pic of the week:

9. Favorite funny of the week:

10. Favorite inspiration of the week:

I am devastated to hear this little boy passed away this week. However, this family has handled everything so well and it is a beautiful story of courage and love. Follow Mitchell's Journey here.
Prayers for this family are definitely needed at this time. 

That's all for now :)! Happy Sunday everyone.


Christine-Chioma said...

Thanks for posting this especially about MItchell's journey. That stuff touches my heart. Will definitely pray for them.

I definitely agree on JT (I'm his biggest fan!). But I disagree on Vine. I feel like there is way too much social media. Ugh! ANother thing I have to join? NOOOOO! ;)