Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Oh, Africa.

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While I was sick, I tried as much as I could to try not to look at different non-profit groups or read up on issues of the world too much because I get too upset when I can't do anything about it. As silly and cliche as that sounds, it was because when I do, I want to jump out of my skin and get to work!

I just am so passionate about it all and want to travel and get involved so badly that I would make myself upset because I was sick and unable to help.

Now that things are looking up, I have been going crazy researching and applying for scholarships and internships to go next summer. I'm so excited and really hope something works out!

I also saw these videos today and got so emotional. I would do just about anything to get myself back to Africa...both because I love the place and the people - but it was also the happiest I have ever been in my whole life.

So for now, I will keep dreaming in my international development classes and continue to be moved and  hope with all hopes that I can get back there next summer!

If you wanna see a cool group/website go HERE.

This is one of their videos I loved: