Tuesday, September 3, 2013

True Love

My sweet parents have always had an amazing relationship -- one I can only hope to have one day.

My dad is always doing sweet things for my mom and is super thoughtful (and the other way around as well), but since my mom has been working I have noticed him making special effort.

Today my mom told me the cute things he has been doing like surprising her with a clean house,
fixing her bike, back massages for her sore neck, making her breakfast in the morning, doing all the yard work, and most recently she mentioned....

leaving love notes in her car at work.

When she told me I got all teary-eyed.
How sweet is he??

I need to find me one of him -- and fast. 


Christine-Chioma said...

Awww your dad is sweet! What's your mom doing for work?

Jasmine said...

seriously, you better find one of him! And you will.