Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am very pooped.

It has been one long 2 weeks.
I am back here in the heat and just got back from my sixth - yes I wrote that right - sixth retreat.
Now I love retreats.
Lots of good food, laughing, A LOT of planning and goal setting, one million get to know you games, Dinners with Donna in the kitchen making "saltsa" as she would say, listening to all of her good advice and stories of years and years at Dixie, telling my old people stories eight million times, dance parties, uncomfortable sleeping situations, waking up too early and staying up too late.

Now, this is all REALLY, really fun. Just maybe not six times fun. But still fun. I love Dixie.

We are just gearing up for next year now, and like it or not school starts on monday.
I don't think I ever been this busy and I may just burn myself out in the first week.
But once I get through that I should be good.
I am now in the process of:
*Being on student government
*Applying for the nursing program which means a lot of headache and worry
*Going to school
*Starting a new job at homecare and hospice
*Getting a new service center/service council started and running (I have the best people ever to work with!)
*Trying to have a social life
*TRYING to date (bleh)
*Trying to be active in the church
*STILL trying to get moved in (as I lay here motivating myself to get off my lovesac and unpack my dang boxes)
And all in the midst trying to sleep and eat...both of which are starting to dwindle.

ANYWAY, wish me luck.
The next two weeks may just be the death of me.
But I feel once that application is in and my big service projects are out of the way, I may just be able to come up for some air before I have to dive back in.

I don't know why I sign up for these things sometimes.
All the same, if I wasn't this busy I don't think I would be me.
And I really don't like that much down time.
It really wigs me out.


Cami said...

YOU CAN DO IT! I believe in you my girl-and best part of all, We live with AMAZING people surrounding us to make it all worth it:)