Thursday, August 27, 2009

I LOVE PRANKS...and other updates.

You caught me. I do, I LOVE pranks. In fact, I pulled a few real quality ones this weekend on poor Ash Gibson.

I can't help that she is the PERFECT person to play pranks on because:
A. She reacts so perfectly
B. She would never expect it
C. I know she will always love me

So prank #1:
As Ashley got in the shower upstair, Stef, Crystal, Natalie, and I head upstairs with a VERY large bowl of ice water. She locked the door of course, but to no avail. We picked the lock. She tried to block the cold water, and this is what happened:

The only thing I felt bad about was that she fell really hard to her knees so we wouldn't see her nakedness. The rest, was so funny.

Prank #2:
While she was in the shower, me and Cam went to her drawer full of undies (which I must say she has a BILLION pairs) and threw them up on the ledge by her attic. undies left.

Prank #3:
I got hot sauce packets and folded them in half so that they were tight...then placed them strategically underneath the toilet seat. The next morning we were supposed to get up and run the 5K. I laid there, half dead as I hear her go in to go potty. I knew I sure hadn't gone yet, so I knew what was coming....wait for it....she sits down...and I hear:

Ash: What. The. Crap.
Ash: GET UP! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!! Hot sauce?! IT IS EVERYWHERE. Get, YOUR BUTT, out of that bed. GET UP!
Ash: You are so dead. I hate you SO MUCH!

Prank #4 Salt in the toothpaste. I didn't get to see the reaction on that one....but I am sure it was good.

Prank #5 Rice under the fitted sheet. This is so annoying because you think that it is crumbs, but you can't get it out. Ha...didn't get to see this one either...but I heard about it.

Oh man...I love them.

Here is a few other updates!

The WOW week (week of welcome) has been SO awesome. All of us on student government have worked our little bums off! And I think it has paid off. Here are a few pictures of the week.

The water fight at the fountain. So fun.

My thermometer on my car. is SO hot.

The booth for the service club. It took SO long, and I love it.

Me and Kass at the new student kick off. Dat my nice.

Our first service project went SO WELL!! And it makes me so happy.
The results:

220 students and faculty showed
37 Blankets to Battered women were completed
57 Picture books for orphans
60 Letters to Soldiers written
232 Bags were cut for women in Africa
14 Hats for the homeless were started and 2 finished.


A Real Good Bet said...

Hahaha. . . Poor Ashley . . .

kayla & tyler said...

gees!! that poor girl! I didn't know you were such a prankster, Cheltz!! it's a good thing she will always love you. haha that stuff is pretty mean!
good job with your service project stuff, that is awesome!

Alexis! said...

Those pranks are INSANE! I love the rice one, will have to try that out :)