Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cry my eyes out.

Uhm, I absolutely LOVED this video that made me cry so hard! Yes, please, I am ALL for adoption. Give me one from every continent please.

Watch here:

I think I am also emotional because I have been working so much! Tonight made me think a lot about life because I was there, of course for another resident to pass away (I am ALWAYS there when people pass. I may just be the angel of death... ). Between my two jobs that is three in three weeks. It is a such a special thing (as weird as this sounds) to be there and watch someone pass on to the next life....quite a spiritual and moving experience, especially when they have been in so much pain for so long. It is also amazing to be part of these sweet lives and take care of the things they need most at the end of their time here on Earth. I always try to tell them how much I love them and kiss their sweet wrinkly cheeks because who knows if they will be there the next day. I always hope that when I see them in the next life they will remember that I helped care for them in their final days....and of course teased them and gave them a few laughs. I also am planning on this guaranteeing me:

A) A quick passing...preferably in my sleep.
B) If I do get old...super good care.
C) No dementia.
D) And automatic rights to act like a crazy, be hilarious, and say whatever I want past 70.

Yep. That sounds about right.