Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some great dating advice from the old folks.

Tonight I worked on the memory support side at the Old Folks Home.

This is where Alzheimer's and Dementia residents live. I seriously love it over on that side.

Tonight one of my favorites told me she had a grandson that would just "swoon me ta-death."

I told her to get crackin all means set me up.

Then she proceeded to tell me that she would take us to the dance down at the old station. I asked her some good advice on dating, pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down verbatim what she told me...single ladies take note.

1) Don't get sa-tickled (not SO tickled...SA-tickled) ya puke on the boys.

2) Don't dress naked, but don't dress UN-naked.

3) Don't get titt-ly and silly (I have no idea what "titt-ly means, but that is a QUALITY, quality word).

4) Don't ever wear bangs.

5) Don't over-do your make up so you look like a clown.

6) Kiss em' all, commit ta none.

7) Love at first sight, kill at second sight.

8) Don't talk malarky.

Such good advice. I will take all of those in and I am sure I will be hitched in no time! I love her little darling face...


Naya said...

HAHA!! I freaking love this!!

Zane and Cami said...

Titt-ly....too much cleavage maybe?? haha. Love it.

Karlie said...

haha I love that she said titt-ly. My grandpa always uses it. But he always says don't tittering around . He says it mean messing around. I still don't believe him though! haha I loved this!