Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sweet, sweet, summer time.

This past week has been so fun and a little crazy! We had all my little cousins in from Minnesota and so I got to spend a lot of time with has been a blast :). Since I don't have a ton of cousins on the Gould side and we don't get to get together a lot, it is a BIG deal when they come to town.

We had a blast going up to the planetarium, Temple Square, playing a TON of Wii, Color Me Mine, playing beauty shop, reading books, doing giant fireworks, going to the parade (minus me because of my big dumb bug bite...that sounds so wimpy), going out to eat, and of course, boating.

Boating was SUPER interesting considering the starter went out in the most giant lightening storm in Utah history. Not gonna lie, we were pretty scared stuck in the middle of the lake with no way to get off the water, three kids, and lightening on each side of us. THEN my poor mom, uncle and brother were out in the worst of it trying to pull the boat on the trailer by hand. Of course, of course. Our boat is only 3 years old and we have never had a problem....the ONE time we do it is during the storm.  Gould family luck of 2011 hahah.

Well, here are some recap pictures of the last week and my cutie pat-tootie cousins...well, minus Jackson. Bummer I didn't get any pics with him!

Anyway, happy Sunday!

Oh and PS. It was Imo's birthday yesterday! I made her wear a lei and a birthday hat:) Happy birthday cutie Imo! LOVE you!


Zane and Cami said...

Is Imo the lady with the creature under her bed?? If so...I love her.