Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy FORF OF JA-LEYE! (That's on "Little Rascals")

We had a fun forth, just hangin and going out on the boat and stuff. Not like I could really DO a whole lot on the boat cuz of my stupid knee, I still had fun. I am not gonna lie I RE-hea-heally miss wakeboarding and looks like I am gonna be missing a season which is kinda poopy face. Anyway here are some pics of the day. I love coming home and taking pictures cuz my parents have this sick-awesome Nikon camera that I would give my left eye-ball I kinda got picture happy.

Me and Jules. And can I say...I love Jules. Doesn't matter how long we go I can still fill in her sentences, laugh at every single inside joke we have ever had in the last 14 years, talk about the stuff I would tell almost no one....yup no one. She knows every one of my issues, dreams, flaws, secrets, and joys. Yup yup, I luff ya Jules. She will always be my best friend.
This is Sonny. And it was his first big boater trip! And yeah...that totally is a doggy life jacket and we did make him wear it against his will. Hahaha

This is my talented and insanely attractive brother. We have too much fun together sometimes. But he looks REAL good in those glasses right?! Hhaha

These are my favorite girlies! Hannah Goo, Jules, and my cute madre. They were having too much fun themselves.

All in all it was a good day...and after we had a FABULOUS meal with tri-tip steak and did fireworks...well me and Hannah and my mom did. Tyler of course was with a girl, dad was pooped, and so we had fun. Yeah so I would 4th,