Sunday, July 6, 2008

I delight in....

Peppermint tea*Sunday walks*fall leaves*Sunshine*traveling*a good book*anthropologie clothing*singing in the shower*sleeping in*scrapbooking*CSI*a good chick flick*babies*showers*running in the rain*jack johnson*the smell of laundry*art museums*sewing*taking naps in my front room*fundraisers*making cookies*the smell of christmas*home videos*visiting old people*going out on fridays*talking on the phone*unexpected letters*snow cones*hawaiian legends*tanning*wheat thins*quotes*sunday dinner*photography*Sunnles and Buddles*good music*late night runs to the store*the first snow*wakeboarding*smell of rain*general conference*boston*tyface*musicals*the smell of a clean house*weight lifting*good news at the doctor*late talks with my parents*a quality good night kiss*facebook*inside jokes*a class I really enjoy*africa*writing in my journal*having spending money*rollercoasters*snuggling up in a blanket when it's cold*listening to bob marley on the boat*good advice from my dad*trying something new*EFY*nannying*suckers*funny hats*the grinch*my mac*volcom anything*culture*the beach*roommates*eating food too hot*putting my hair up*laughing with my mom*mormon movies*smiling*chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips*student council*camping*socks to bed*laughing with old friends*road trips*my little brother's jokes*writing letters*concerts*school supplies*Mate(argentine tea)*missionaries*singing in church*the smell of coffee*pretending I'm a kid again*a good cry*chapstick and lotion before bed*fleece blankets*conditioner*good friends*watching my sister dance and laugh*flip flops and chacos*eating out*rainbows*good cooking ware*jackets*snowball fights*hula dancing*christmas morning*cul-de-sac parties*basketball with the family*family get togethers*

and my list could go on and on and on.... I am gonna try this whole "tagging" thing (i am new at this) and I tag Julie Garbutt, Aly Williams, and Kristin Latimer


mare said...

No it doesnt make you a blog stalker, it makes you a good friend! Thanks. I hope you are doing well. good luck with school starting again- nursing is for you, i knew it the second you said it, and maybe even before that:)