Monday, July 21, 2008

Home again home!

Well, I had SUCH a great time in Arkansas with a VERY generous aunt and uncle and their cute and funny and smart kids. So there are a lot of pictures and funny videos which you should definitely indulge in. Worth the time. We did tons of playing while I was there, but let me introduce you to the fam.

This is Jackson (10). The eldest and probably one of THE smartest and most well-rounded 10 year olds you will ever meet. Plays football, plays the piano like a prodigy, always has a book in his hand and got a huge award for how many books he has read. For example, the entire time we were there, I can barely count the times he didn't have one in hand.....even while he practices piano! Hahaha he holds one in one hand and plays with the other. Fuh-huny. He read the whole Harry Potter series in about 3 days, the eragon book, and I duno what else. He was through them so fast I couldn't keep track. Love the kid. Oh and he is way good at playstation to boot.

And this is Melanie. So adorable first of all, but she is very bright just like her older brother and uber talented. She does gymnastics, dance, has a killer voice (see funny videos of Wicked below), can read like a champ, and is kind of a carbon copy of what I looked and acted like when I was little.

And we can't forget little Allison. She is three, and has the most bubbly, funny, cute personality, with the funniest little accent that I wish I could describe. She loves to put on shows...which I loved to watch, color, watch Strawberry Shortcake, and loves apple juice boxes.

So here are some of my adventures! We did so many fun things so here you go.

This in Melanie at gymnastics which is an exact image of me when I was her age in gymnastics.

This is my cute little sign that I had in my room where I was staying :)

CUPCAKE decorating

I did the girl's hair.


Pool Day!

The whole fam-damly minus Chris