Sunday, July 27, 2008

St. George here I am!

Well, here I am back again in the HEAT. Oh wow it's hot....and for some reason I really like it! Anyway I came back just in time to work for the Hoag's, aka the family I nanny for. The parents went out of town for the weekend and so I stayed for the weekend at their house. And now I am entirely done packing for my entire life....and living out of a suit case. I have been doing that for 2 months now, and then to come home and pack again for the weekend. Ew. Let's just say I have A LOT of laundry. Well, anyway, the knee is healing up pretty well after the surgery, it still hurts for sure and it does a weird snappy thing and then swells up but it is good. And now I am just getting ready to move into the next apartment....guess I have a lot more packing to do.

Funny nanny moment of the weekend:

This is Nate. I like to call him Natey Naterson.

So I go to wake up little Nate and I step next to his bed. Well, the floor is soaking. I think to myself, "he's way pottty trained....he must have spilled his water. There is no way." But, the curiousity in me made me bend down and take a big whiff...whaddya know? Pee. So I wake him up and this how the conversation goes:

"Hey Nate. How come your floor is wet?"
"Because. I duno."
"Are you sure you don't know?? Cuz it smells a lot like pee pee. Did you pee on the floor Nate?"
"No. Carson did it."
"I think that is a lie cuz Carson wasn't here. Are you lying?"
"Maybe. Fine. Put me in time out."

All the while I am trying so hard not to laugh because he has the funniest smirk on his face with his cute little glasses. So I said,

"So Nate, why don't we lie?"
"Beecause it'sa make-a Jesus sad."

So cute, and so funny. All except for the cleaning up part. That I could do without....but I guess I should get used to it. More later.


Kristi said...

oh I was going to visit you before you left. I'm sooo LAME! and that is the funniest pee story ever. ha. love you.

The Payne's said...

Hi my love... this is AmyLyn. How have you been? Sounds like life is moving as fast as ever for you. I miss you like crazy! Love ya!!