Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear Dee, Unglaub, and Silverthorn,

You are the writers of my Physiology book and you are very smart, but I am so SICK OF YOU. I realize how important the Juxtaglomerular apparatus is in my Kidneys and the importance of oxygen binding hemaglobin...but enough already.

My brain is FULL! I am tired, and I would like to NEVER ever read your work again.

You have caused me much angst over these past few months we have spent together.

And this may come as a shocker, but just because your book has been attached to me for a while....doesn't mean I like it!

Just a few more weeks!!! 2 tests left. If I can just pull off a B, I will be SO happy and will never open your book again.

Please bless that is the outcome.

Love Cheltz


kayla & tyler said...

yes!!! I love the word please bless. and i use it very very very often!
it explains so much.
sorry about your book, i would have much hatred towards the writers too! good luck, hope you get a B!