Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Poison Control saves the day!

So I have been having a REALLY hard time sleeping lately and so last night I decided to try something different from Ambien because it is just not helping (the other night I didn't fall asleep til 6:30 dumb).

Well, over the counter was my next best option.

Usually it comes in pills of 25mg of Diphenhydramine, so you take two for a regular dose of 50 mg of Diphenhydramine.

Well, I unknowingly bought the kind that is a one dose pill and so it has 50mg in one pill.

I took two.


So, being paranoid like I am, I called poison control. I couldn't believe how funny it was. If you ever are in a dangerous situation for reals, you may not want to call them because this is what you will get on the phone.

"Thank you for calling Posion Control, to continue this message in English, press one."
*Pushes 1*
"If you have ingested something dangerous, press 3. If you or someone you know is not breathing because of something ingested, press 4. If you have a question about a pill you have ingested, press 5. If you would like to know the risks associated with a type of chemical, press 6. If this is an emergency, hang up and call 911."

Good thing I wasn't dying yesterday. I couldn't stop laughing because...HELLO, who is gonna sit through that message when they have just ingested something that is causing them to not breathe.

Luckily I didn't take enough to be dangerous...just enough to knock me out for a good long time.

The good news: I slept like a baby.

Even Better news: Poison Control called me to check on me this morning. My phone call went like this: "Hi Chelsea, this is poison control. Wanted to make sure you are still alive this morning. You sound like you are, so you should be fine."

What a crack up.

Thank you Poison Control, you have saved another life.


wjcr said...

haha thats great. nothing like calling poison control for some emergency action, or maybe 911 - it has something like that too at the beginning.