Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some classic updates.

Friday was fun.

I went to this dance:

Wearing this outfit:

It was SO fun, especially with the black lights.
But then we were so rudely interrupted when a strobe-like light went off through the smoke.

Down I went in the middle of a huge crowd.

Everyone freaked. Out.

I slammed my head into the ground real hard and had the lovely seizure in my awesome attire.

About everyone there called 911.

After a fire truck, ambulance, and two police cars later I was ok. And embarrassed. And sore. It was awesome.

Next funny thing.

So I really, really have always wanted to figure out how to do acrylic nails. I figured I would just try it and see how I did. It went pretty well! And I think I am getting pretty good at it actually.

The funny part: I look Asian.

Man did everyone get a kick out of that (including me).
I'm just another asian doing nails. Cam made me this funny sign to go on our apartment door:

Here is my set up!

You too can have your nails done by me, the asian. Only five dolla!

Just to finish off, this comedian is PERFECT at doing the nail salon routine. Watch it.

It is freaking funny.


kayla & tyler said...

Sorry about the dance, it sounds like you had some fun at least at the beginning! I'm glad you are okay! If i lived in st. george I would have you do my nails all the time. It looks like you do good!

Bonnie said...

HAHAHA chels i was dying laughing this entire post! um but i am sorry about the dance, brought back some old dance memories..."EVERYONE BACK OFF ITS NOT YOUR BUSINESS" while shoving them all out of the way with your wheelchair and darting out away from the chaos into the blessed people-free parking lot. oh i really love you.

and im still laughing about the nails portion. five dolla! EL OH EL. haaaa i cant waittt to hang out this summer, loves!

Ali said...

Chels! I can't believe that happened at the dance! haha Looks like you had fun though :)

I totally do want my nails done! When is good for you? Call me

aly said...

that lady is HILARIOUS!