Friday, April 10, 2009


K so I am not engaged, but Jules is!

I am so, so happy for her but so sad. I can't believe it! This Julie: the one I grew up with!
That I  shared my ugly phase with (see pics below).
Who I had eight million sleep-overs with filled with watching the same movies, eating ramen or some other frozen something, laughing so hard ramen came out my nose, and crying about our       "really hard times" in junior high.
Who got me through my rough times.
The one that I can still say everything she is going to say while/before she is saying it.
The one who has the complete opposite sized mouth than I do.
Who always got me in trouble at rehearsals because I would talk to her.
My bestest best friend in the whole world.
The ONLY person in this world who I have told EVERYTHING to.
Every hope, every dream, every mistake, every secret, every gossipy juicy story, every spiritual   experience....everything.

I love you Jules! I am just selfish and don't want all our old selves to over. But you picked a good one, a real good one.
I still get rights to the couch.
Just don't "do it" while I'm there.


JULIE said...

Chelseaaaaaaaaa Michelle Tacher come home! I love you! You are my best friend. Come home and cry with me. This post makes me want to cry. I love you. Andy loves you too, he says. And I promise we won't do it while you're there.

At least while you're awake.

(That was Andy)

Anna said...

oh my goodness I like this post ha ha you two are so so cute I absoulutly love that picture when you jump on her chels and you two are so beautiful.