Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Thanksgiving in pictures (mostly).

I had an incredible Thanksgiving break! It was so fun because this year my birthday fell on Thanksgiving. Everyone was so amazing and made me feel so special and loved. 

So here is my weekend in pictures :). Hope it was a great break for everyone else too.

I went to Skyfall  and came out at 1:30 AM and I had all these texts and FB messages that started my birthday out so amazing. Props to Scotty for being #1 to start out the day at 12:03 AM.

I also woke up, thanks to my Sis, to the 50 Cent song In Da' Club, as per my request, because shawty, it's my birthday. And I wanted to party like it's my birthday. 

I was also in shock when I walked upstairs to find my aunty Diana here that I have not seen in probably 10 years. I love, LOVED having her here and spending time with my family.

We played tons of games (especially Scrabble), watched tons of movies, and laughed our pants off. 

This was the night we had my birthday dinner which consisted of delicious ribs and rice, Hawaiian style, and lots of good times.

And of course, my sweet mom made my favorite Cherry Chip Cake. I have had it every year and I love, love it. Always will. 

Also, we have laughed and laughed about this picture because of my giant cleavage that isn't actually cleavage. My scar has now made my chest look 20 times the size it actually is. Good times.

It was a great break and a very, very happy birthday. Although, I will say turning 24 hasn't settled very well yet....I just really liked being 21 and feel like forever I want to be that age. Forever 21 yo. Like the store.

Well, happy thursday!

And happy stupid finals crunch time. Yuck.


Andrea Hatch said...

Hey, Chelsea!
It's been a while since I last visited your cute little bite of internet! It looks like you've been going through a lot of crazy stuff lately!

Stay strong, girl.

I was thinking of you the other day after hearing "Dark Blue" by Jack's Mannequin. You let me listen to it for the first time on your ipod at lunch one time. :) I just thought you should know that you've always impressed me with your kindness.

You are loved. Hang in there.