Friday, November 2, 2012

I love makeup.

Oh man. Halloween is awesome. It is ESPECIALLY awesome when your mom is a hairdresser and makeup artist. This year I was feeling pretty horrible, but I was so excited for my costume and a particular party that no matter how I was feeling I determined to go.

So I made it! And even if I didn't get to make it the whole night, I had a blast while I was there and I had such a great time getting ready with my mom.

This year I was a "toddler and tiara" baby. Mostly "Mckenzie".

If you haven't seen the show and don't know who she is, watch it here:

You will die.

My mom has always done an incredible job on costumes year after year, and hair and makeup for things like prom, pageants, halloween, (friend's) weddings (mine eventually one day) in point:

See what I mean?

She is awesome, and it has been so fun. And it has rubbed off on me and how much I love, love, LOVE makeup. 

My essentials:

MAC Waterproof fluid line eye liner.
Won't budge. 
Especially with my watery and sensitive eyes with contacts.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation.
Also stays on all day.
Full coverage.
Oil Free.
Doesn't feel heavy.

 MAC paint pot.
Put this all over your eye before eye shadow.
Doesn't matter what kind of shadow you are wearing, you will get a lot more out of it with this.
Once again, it won't budge!

 MAC long wear blush.
All I can say is this goes on beautifully.
Stays all day.

Clinque 3 Step facial care.
I just started using this recently and can already tell a difference.
My face is so soft and a lot clearer!

I adore this powder. 
Light and fresh and keeps your foundation looking great all day.

So there ya go. Love this stuff! And for years I kept buying cheap grocery store make-up because I was convinced I was saving money...but not true. It might be more expensive up front to buy department store make up, but it lasts FOREVER. And you can try it before you buy it, instead of buying 50 things you don't like. In the long run you save more, and save your face. Literally.

And finally, I leave you with this hilarious video and little darling giving her own make-up tutorial. Reminds me of myself when I was little playing in the mirror with my mom's make-up! Enjoy!


Emily Maria said...

Soo amazing. I just shared that video via facebook and will probably post it everywhere. :) You know have a new follower, too.

Kayla said...

Your mom is very talented!! she did my hair for some school dances and I always loved the outcome! I love your costume, you are so pretty! i seriously LOVE MAC. The fluidline gel eye liner is honestly the best invention. I use it everyday. I agree with you. I only recently in the last 2 years started spending more on good makeup brands instead of just whatever was at Target. It really does make a difference, even though they are pricier, it's SO WORTH IT. better product and it lasts forever!