Friday, February 8, 2013

Hawaiian Girl to the Homeland

I am seriously one happy girl. Last night, my sister and I booked tickets to this awesome place:

Ah, yes. Hawaii. My homeland. One of my favorite places. On earth.

I feel like it is deserved....2 years of straight school, no breaks, and heart surgeries in between? I don't know, that is just my justification. As well as a pretty awesome tax return....that's my other justification.

Guess who else is coming?

These two cute twins! We are officially calling this our "sisters trip" and we are going to enjoy every moment.

I also feel it is my civic duty to let you know that I got these tickets at a RIDICULOUSLY low price. Right now on Allegiant Air you can find one way tickets to Oahu from Las Vegas for $118 (depending on the date) through August. After all the fees we paid about $320 round trip.....are you kidding me? You can't even fly to L.A. for that most days. Just be aware that they will try and make you pay for a seat reservation and weird stuff they tack on that you don't have to do.... so just be careful when booking. Anyway, just thought you should know.'re welcome.

So don't be surprised if you see me daydreaming til June 5th when I am laying on the beach in my tropical paradise.

I think this excitement will help me through this next surgery (which is probably going to be Valentine's day. How appropriate right? Heart surgery on Valentine's Day...I feel like that should be a song or something) and this dang semester.

And then we are going to pray really hard that my body doesn't malfunction when we are supposed to leave. If it does....well, I'm going any way.

So here's to us Sis!