Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Life Lately

I am soooo avoiding my research paper right now. As well as the 5 scholarly journals glaring at me that I absolutely hate reading, but really need to finish(Can I vent? Why do they have to be so academic and use such big words? I consider myself a pretty educated person who can comprehend a decent amount of reading...but really?! It is not only confusing and boring, but super unnecessary.).

Life has been moving in slow motion lately. I am so beyond tired (what else is new?) and have been pretty anti-social and anti-everything (hahah). I just don't have a desire to do much of anything right now...and I think that is the meds talking.

However, I have been pushing myself to go out every once in a while with friends and of course, plugging through school.

One thing that has kept me busy and has been exciting is that we got a new addition over at the Gould house.

No, it is not a baby, but it might as well be!

Meet my little Chloe girl...

She is a Morkie (Maltese Yorkie)
11 weeks old
Heart Shaped Nose
Sassy Pants
Sweetest. Girl. Ever.

Let it be known that puppies are SO much work. Especially when in the same week you get the puppy, you have to have your other dog neutered. It was a train-wreck with very little sleep.

Now we are getting the hang of it and these two have really warmed up to each other and are so cute to watch play.

I may or may not be a little obsessed with them. 

 So here is picture overload...go ahead and judge me. 

Admit it...aren't they so cute?! And so funny to watch. Poor little Scuddles had to wear his cone of shame from the surgery and had kind of a rough week feeling replaced, losing his man-hood, and having to wear his lamp shade. He is doing better now, but I felt so bad for him!

Other things that have been going on in my life between potty training and policing these two is lots and lots of homework, ice cream to get me through, and the joy of my infectious diseases class (especially 2 weeks on STD's). It really gives me the weebs and makes me kind of paranoid.

I also got to go visit my darlings at the old folks home that I love so much! My little heart just swells so much when I get around them and we had so much fun visiting and catching up. I miss my job every single day.

And finally, one of my best friends in the world came home from her mission in Seattle a few weeks ago! This meant I had a whole lotta girls come to hear her speak and stay at my house for one great weekend. She did such a great job and her Spanish is incredible. I don't know how I got so lucky to have such a great group of friends!
So that's about it!

I guess this means after procrastinating for much too long.....I better get back to the books. 

More later.