Friday, February 20, 2009

Loooong week!

This week has felt like a never ending JUDDING long week. I had eight tests. EIGHT. Surprisingly I did way better than I thought on most of them except one. SO thats good news! Plus, I had so much for ambassadors and a few actual projects. I still am just amazed I made it through the week alive. I knew I was dumb for taking so many credits but now I am realizing how much of a nut case I really am.

Some new health updates:

Some days I just feel like crying because I am right at that in between stage. I am not sick enough to just quit everything (thank goodness!), but not well enough to do everything I want to do. Sometimes that can be frustrating in a weird way because I have SO many things that I want to do SO much, but physically I get held back. I am just at that brink of being all the way well however.

Yesterday my doctor didn't get my medicine called in for a day and a half so I had a seizure. My mom who has been such a rock and help through all of this the last 5 years was pretty frustrated again that my body is so sensitive to the hormone shifts. So she got online and did some more research (which she has done tirelessly. Thanks mom!) and found an epilepsy center in California that is researching my type of seizures that they don't know much about. Such good news! I feel like we are getting more and more answers and maybe sooner rather than later they can do something to help my body not be so sensitive to those changes and get me on some different medication that doesn't have so many side effects.

Next on the list, my kidneys feel like a big hurt! I started getting that same pain back and so I went and dropped a sample and they called me back and said I had a large amount of blood in my urine. Monday I get to do an awesome IPV CT scan. My favorite pat: the prep. I get to eat only chicken broth and jello water on sunday and take these pills that will flush EVERYTHING out (joy). Then they will do the CT on monday and shoot me in my IV with some dye to see if it is blocked (which that is what they are pretty sure is going on). I would LOVE to not have hurty pee pee's anymore...seriously.

Slash I am so grateful for the progress I have made. I look at my life at this time last year or the year before and it is amazing. I can't believe that at one time I couldn't even shower by myself or even walk up the stairs. I feel like this is going to all be beat soon!


Lace said...

Chelsea! I've been reading your blog and I can't tell you how much I love you. We were such good friends back for a while when you were a sophomore and Chrissy and I were seniors. However, I still care so much about you! I know it sounds trite, but if you ever need anything please know that I'm here for you and I love you!

Love, Lacey Peterson

P.S. I had no idea you were related to Brynn! That's so fun to see what a small world this is.

wjcr said...

Chelsea, you are amazing! Thanks for sharing, you will be amazed at how loving and helping God will be, in His time. Hang in there! You are amazing.

Whitney Rawle