Monday, February 2, 2009

On a more serious note....

I got a big reality check today right when I needed it. I am not gonna lie these last few years have been extremely hard between the never ending seizures, knee surgeries, wonderful gynecological joys, starting college, failing tests, sending off my best friends, figuring out depression and anxiety, getting ready for nursing school, and on and on. Some days are filled with such pity for myself and being grumpy about the situation when another seizure happens to raise its ugly head. But then I step back and i look at 
these people. 

I guess I am a little late in figuring out exactly who NieNie is, because I had seen the advertisements on other blogs to help give to her recovery fund I just never realized exactly what it was. Last night I read her blog and this amazing couple is recovering from a near fatal plane crash in which the is the husband was burned on 30% of his body and a broken back, and she is suffering from burns on 80% of her body. I read her and her husband's (whom she calls "Mr. Nielson". I think it is so cute!) wonderful love story her, her recovery, about her children, and for her positive attitude. She is stunning to me and she writes so beautifully. If you want to be inspired you should give it a look. 

Someone else I look up to is my favorite cousin Brynnie and her family. Her and her husband's positive attitude has helped me in so many ways. Their sweetheart baby alex has been through so much having heart surgery after heart surgery and had so many highs and lows. Even though they have had ups and downs they never let that ruin their faith and they have continued to push through to keep getting Alex better. He is such a fighter and is doing so great. Their examples have helped so many and been an inspiration to me. 

When I read their stories and look at what everyone is dealing with I realize I don't have it so bad. Nope, not bad at all. I will stick with the trials I have and know that the lord can help ease any trials or pain if we will just turn to him.