Saturday, February 28, 2009

The sun is shining, and I've never seen a better performance.

First off the weather here in St. George is BEAUTIFUL! It is beyond perfect temp. and it is so nice to start getting some quality rays. It is 68 degrees and perfect.

Second off last night on my date with Toddy we went first to the "Rebelette's" performance. It was in the basketball arena and was really, really good.! I hate to downplay their performance but about a third of the way in was easily my favorite part and probably something I will never forget. As the announcer announced the "Prime Time Dancers", ten 50-70 year old ladies in sea foam green, fish-scale sparkly outfits and black stretchy pants-with the typical grandma hair cut, oversized earrings, the orangey-colored St. George tan that only rich old ladies have, large diamond rings, and more makeup caked on that I can even fathom began their drill team-like routine to a medley of Mamma Mia. They were delightful, and a breath of fresh air to see them have so much fun.

The best part? A lady totally busted out the splits at the end. Insanity.


A Real Good Bet said...

Hahaha. That sounds like fun! I'm sad I missed seeing an old lady do the splits!

Sher! said...

Haha oh Im so glad you came! And yes... the prime timers are hilarious!