Monday, March 9, 2009

What we do at 2 am

It has been so long since I had a decent blog, I'm not gonna lie. Things have been a little crazy as usual, but some big changes have happened with me. Here they go:
1. So after all I am not applying for nursing right now. I had some issues with my entrance exam and it shut off on me 15 questions left. Can you believe it?! I was getting so stressed out that I stepped back and looked at all and realized I really need to be healthy before I start such a rigorous program, and also I need to actually have fun, and I wasn't. I just was stressing myself out to death and not getting any better in the process. I'm 20 years old. Freak, I can wait a semester to apply.

2. I decided to run for Service Chair on student government. I'm stoked and hope lots and lots I will get on!

3. I guess I got swindled into doing Dixie Queen pageant. Thank GOODness it is not a prance around in a swimming suit kind. It's based on service, involvement, interview, talent, and evening wear. I'm gonna hula and I think it will be way fun. It is a thousand dollar scholarship so I figure, what the heck, I'll go for it.

4. I'm movin home this summer to take some classes at UVU. I am so excited to be with the fam for a while!

5. I had way bad seizures this weekend even taking my medicine right. I went to the doc and he said there were some things off in my hormones. However today they actually gave me a NAME to put with my seizures and I have FINALLY been diagnosed: they are called CATAMENIAL seizures. I am so so blessed to have such a good doctor who has finally figured it out. WAHOO! I am definitely on the up side.

Good old St. George....this is what we like to do at 2 AM. It could be - actually is - pretty embarrassing...but so funny! This is us doing Tell Him by Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion. You have to get through the first part that is stupid and messed up and turn off my stupid music on the side. Stefanie will probably kill me for putting it on here....but for some reason I can't get over how funny it is. We literally recruited about 3 more people to join in our fun times and did about 500 hundred more songs...more to come. Enjoy my embarrassment.


JULIE said...


kayla & tyler said...

HAHA, that movie is quite hilarious! I remember when I used to do crazy fun stuff like that - it's the best! and good for you for thinking about having fun, everyone needs fun in their life!! yay for moving home too! that's great!

The Button's said...

You are my freaking favorite! I loved the facial expressions.... it was really deep. Your blog is soooo blasted cute, I love reading it. You're my hero!