Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am a reptile.

I had a Jessner's chemical peel done.
It was to get rid of scarring.
It. Hurt. Like. JUDD.
Felt like one of those green cleaning scrubby pads against your face with acid.
After that pain then came the heat and like piss-ants were biting my face.
All the fans in the world couldn't calm down that kind of heat.
Day 1-2 Your face looks like someone took a blow torch to it and feels like it too.
Day 3 Your skin gets really really tight and wrinkly and you look like an old woman.
Day 4-7 it starts to peel...in chunks. Oh ya, you can't peel or tear it...only cut it off.
I am on day 6 and I look nappy, and I am sick of skin cells all over me from flaking...NASTIFICATION!
Almost done.
It was free...usually one hundred bucks and 10 dollars per layer.

Hope I look stunning after~


mare said...

oh my...my first and only facial i've had in my life was right before we got married and i think i cried!!! ha. i'm a fat wusssssy. I hope that you liked the results. If it is worth the pain is debatable. Thanks for your kind comment. I am not pretty- my photographer is just good, as you already know. SO HOW ARE YOU? how is your health? how are things with elder D? i wanna hear