Friday, March 13, 2009

My Dog Sonny (AKA Scuddles)

My Scuddles (don't even ask where the nickname came from because I have no idea) is the best doggie in the whole world. He make me laugh and my heart all squishy and coming home this weekend he has been the best. Here is a little video of him from last night

Here are the things I love about Scuddles:
1. He is snuggling with me right now.
2. He acts like a human, and not a dog.
3. He gets worried and sits faithfully by me when I have a seize.
4. HE has a BOYFRIEND named Paco who thinks he is awesome and owns the world. Sonny should really get out of that relationship.

5. He does the funniest tricks.
6. He has a poodle patch (a dark spot of really curly poodle hair...he's a Peek-poo breed.
7. His rubber lip.

8. He is pretty much a human child in our house and my mom treats him like that.
9. His funny ears that make him itch SO bad so he always has to itch them for 5 hours and his little doggie chain makes the most annoying noise when you are trying to sleep.
10. That he likes his armpits scratched.
11. That no matter how hard Jules tried not to like him because it was not Buddy, but she loves him so much now...and so does EVERYONE else who tries so hard NOT to like him...they can't help it.
12. He is so gentle and soft.
13. He hardly ever stinks because he has fur instead of hair....oh and he doesn't shed either.

15. That among his favorite treats are almonds, blueberries, carrots, ice cubes, tomatoes, and a lot of other healthy stuff.
16. He LOVES to ride in the car.
17. And he has poodle straight legs.

I could go on forever but I will spare you. I just want to squeeze him everyday! I wish he lived with me. I hate not having him snuggles with me.